New publication: review on MPs sampling methods in the Mediterranean

Abstract: The lack of standardization on the definition and methods in microplastic (MP) research has limited the overall interpretation and intercomparison of published data. This has presented different solutions to assess the presence of these pollutants in the natural environment, bringing the science forward. Microplastics have been reported worldwide across different biological levels and environmentalContinue reading “New publication: review on MPs sampling methods in the Mediterranean”

New publication: optimization of tissue digestion for MPs analysis

Abstract: Over the last few years, different digestion protocols have been proposed to extract microplastics from mussels, an important product from aquaculture and a relevant economic resource, always scrutinized as a potential pollutant concentrator. In this study, a full factorial experimental design technique has been employed to achieve efficiency in removing biological materials while maximizing the recoveries ofContinue reading “New publication: optimization of tissue digestion for MPs analysis”

New publication: marine litter in Mediterranean beaches

Abstract: The Mediterranean Sea and its coastal systems are threatened by intense anthropogenic pressures including rapid accumulation of marine litter by diverse human activities. The region, which is the world’s leading touristic destination, has to face a seasonal increase of waste generation due to the seasonal influx of visitors. The beaches, extremely crowded during theContinue reading “New publication: marine litter in Mediterranean beaches”

New publication: MPs in subsurface western equatorial Atlantic

Abstract: We provide a baseline assessment of the density and types of microplastics in the western equatorial Atlantic. The highest microplastics density was found in coastal stations near urbanized sites, large tropical estuaries, and fishing grounds. With regard to microplastics composition, most of the identified particles were fibers/filaments, styrofoam, hard and soft plastic, paint, and glass/acrylic.Continue reading “New publication: MPs in subsurface western equatorial Atlantic”

New publication: MPs in corals

Abstract: This article seeks to present a summary of knowledge and thus improve awareness of microplastic impacts on corals. Recent research suggests that microplastics have a variety of species-specific impacts. Among them, a reduced growth, a substantial decrease of detoxifying and immunity enzymes, an increase in antioxidant enzyme activity, high production of mucus, reduction ofContinue reading “New publication: MPs in corals”

i-plastic Kickoff Meeting

i-plastic kickoff meeting was virtually held on the 22nd of September 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. The meeting was hosted by Project Coordinator Patrizia Ziveri from the ICTA-UAB and attended by the 5 partners from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Brazil. The objectives of each work package to achieve the main goals of i-plastic were presentedContinue reading “i-plastic Kickoff Meeting”